A WordPress Plug-in which allows MMS messages from your cell-phone to be posted directly into your WordPress Blog.


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  1. Did you get the most recent version from the site?  Did the installation per instructions seem to go OK and does WP-MMS options page in WordPress seem to work normally? If not deactivate WP-MMS in your WordPress Options Plugins control panel.  Delete the /wp-contents/plugins/wp-mms directory.  Then download the latest version and perform the installation steps outlined in Installation.
  2. Make sure you have a WordPress account setup with your cellphone number including area code as the username in WordPress and that the account has enough privilege to post to WordPress (Author). Also verify that you have not selected "Suppress Actual Posting" on the WP-MMS options page.
  3. Send an MMS message to your server address (shown at the top of the WP-MMS options page in WordPress).  You should get 100% complete on your cellphone and the message should be posted to your WordPress blog.
  4. You should be able to look in the "photos" sub-directory and see a pic there; if the receiving from the cellphone worked ok.  If the thumb-nailing was selected in the options panel then there should also be a thumbnail of the pic in the  "thumbnails" sub-directory.  If you don't see this double check that the perissions for (audio, include, photos, thumbnails and video) sub-directories under /wp-content/plugins/wp-mms/ are all Chmod 777.
  5.  I have included a test message file.  To try the test file go to the WP-MMS options page in WordPress and select the "Use Test File for Input" click on the "Save Configuration" then point your regular web browser to the wp-mms-server.php URL (shown at the top of the WP-MMS options page in WordPress)  This should give you a report and post a pic of my wife after skydiving along with a sound file to your blog.  (you can go back and delete it later :) Note: It says the file came from 8005551212 I replaced my cellnumber with that for obvious reasons. 
  6. If that works Ok then go back to the options menu and de-select the "Use Test File for Input" and select "Save a Test File" save the configuration again and then using your cellphone try and post a pic.  If that works ok it will replace the "Test File" I included with the contents of your MMS post.  You can then go back and repeat the "Use Test File for Input" steps from paragraph (5) above to have that posted.  This time the report in your browser should give you your exact cellnumber info for the WordPress account.
  7. If the test file does not get posted then check to see if the photo has been placed in the photos sub-directory.  If there is no file there then double check the sub-directory permissions again and recheck the WordPress account setting for your cellnumber account.
  8. If the test file I sent works and yours doesn't then the problem would most likely be a permissions problem in checking if your cellphone number has permission to post in WordPress.  So temporarily select the "Allow Anyone to Post" on the WP-MMS options page and repeat the steps in paragraph (5) above.  Then try sending another MMS message to the server.  If this works then double check the cellnumber account in WordPress again.
  9. Make note of any error messages shown during the above tests if any.  If not try selecting ONLY the "Enable Email Error Handler" and the "MMS Server Status" checkboxes on the WP-MMS options page then repeat the steps in paragraph (3) above.  Then go check the email account which was shown on the WP-MMS options page as the "Address for Error Emails" to view any errors which may have occurred.
  10. If there are error messages and all your settings appear correct then please email any error messages and notes to wp-mms@gnbi.com


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