A WordPress Plug-in which allows MMS messages from your cell-phone to be posted directly into your WordPress Blog.


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WP-MMS allows great flexibility in using CSS to style the posts it creates.

First each post created by WP-MMS wraps the entire post between <div class="mms-post></div>

Then each part of the MMS message is wrapped in it's own <div class="type"></div> individually.  Where "type" is the matching part type when they are in the incoming MMS.

  •  Photos        <div class="mms-photo"></div>
  •  Thumbnail <div class="mms-thumb"></div>
  •  Audio          <div class="mms-audio"></div>
  •  Video          <div class="mms-video"></div>
  •  Text            <div class="mms-text"></div>

By defining styles for these classes  in your theme's CSS style sheet you have great control over the look and feel of each post. Or if you choose you can just let the theme's regular style determine how they are displayed.  The tags do nothing unless you have defined how they are to be used in your CSS style sheet.

In addition you get to choose whether you want thumbnails created or not and if so what the maximum Height and maximum Width of the thumbnails will be.

A small snippet of java code (shown below) is inserted into the blog header and if in the WP-MMS options you enable it's use; it will size the new browser window popped up when you click on a thumbnail to fit the size of the original photo and center the window on the viewer's screen.  You can also use this to do the same sizing in other posts.  Just look at one created by WP-MMS to see how it is used in the <a href tag.


<script type="text/javascript">
        function WPMMS_POPUP(MyLink,iWinWidth,iWinHeight) {
                var iMyWidth;
                var iMyHeight;
                iMyWidth = (window.screen.width/2) - ((iWinWidth/2));
                iMyHeight = (window.screen.height/2) - ((iWinHeight/2));
                var win1 = window.open(MyLink,"Photo","status,height=" + (iWinHeight+25) + ",
                width=" + (iWinWidth+20) + ",resizable=no,left=" + iMyWidth + ",top=" + iMyHeight + ",
                screenX=" + iMyWidth + ",screenY=" + iMyHeight + ",scrollbars=no");



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