A WordPress Plug-in which allows MMS messages from your cell-phone to be posted directly into your WordPress Blog.


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  1. Unzip wp-mms.zip to a directory of your choice.
    A top level directory "wp-mms" will be created which contains 4 files and 6 sub-directories (audio, functions, include, photos, thumbnails and video)
  2. Copy the wp-mms and all it's sub-directories and files to your WordPress
    "wp-content/plugins/" directory.
  3. Chmod on 5 of the 6 sub-directories to 777 (all the sub-directories of wp-mms except "functions")
  4. Login to WordPress and go to the DashBoard "plugins" tab.
  5. Scroll down till you find WP-MMS and "activate" it.
  6. Next go to the "Options" tab in WordPress and select "WP-MMS" to view/change the options.
  •  The default options should work for most folks so at this point installation is complete!!!

  •  You will of coarse have to configure your cell-phone to send MMS to the alternate gateway address as indicated at the top of the WP-MMS options page.

  •  Make sure you have a WordPress account setup with your cellphone number including area code as the username in WordPress and that the account has enough privilege to post to WordPress (Author).

  •  wp-mms builds the file wp-mms_paths.inc when it is first installed, which is placed in the wp-mms/include directory.  The information in this file is based on a standard installation of a plugins and all it's contents being located in the plug-ins directory.  If you wish to you can modify these paths to be what ever you choose.  One of the reasons for doing this may be to shorten the address to which mms is sent in case your phone can't handle the sometimes long path to the wordpress plugins directory.


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