A WordPress Plug-in which allows MMS messages from your cell-phone to be posted directly into your WordPress Blog.


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A Simplified Explaination

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) uses Short Message Services (SMS) to implement a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).  WAP Wireless Service Protocol (WSP) is used as a transport method for MMS.  Although WAP's WSP is used to transport the MMS information WAP is not dictated for presentation of the data in the cell-phone.  Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) is widely used in lieu of WAP for the presentation layer.

Typical MMSC System

The cell-phone communicates using a WAP stack protocol to a proxy-relay or gateway.  The proxy-relay/gateway then adds some header information and routes the packets to a server.   In many cases the proxy-relay/gateway and server are the same system.  The server then forwards the transactions to another cell-phone or performs actions and replies to the originating cell-phone.

In the case of WP-MMS it performs the roles of the gateway and server.  It communicates with the proxy using WAP/WSP and extracts the SMIL content and posts the contents to WordPress.


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