The Origins of the Riggins Family in and around Poquoson Virginia



1723-1759 Tax List
1783 Tax List Maryland
1790 Census Maryland
1800 Census DE & MD
1810 Census DE & MD
1820 Census DE & MD
1850 Census York Virginia
1900 York County Virginia
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Riggin in Somerset & Worcester 1783

Name Property Name Size
County Location MSA Page
 John Riggen  Bare Point 125  Somerset  Dividing Creek S1161-9-10 115
 John Riggen  Friends Choice 18  Somerset  Dividing Creek S1161-9-10 116
 John Riggen  H Venture 238  Somerset  Dividing Creek S1161-9-10 117
 John Riggen  Penridge 8  Somerset  Dividing Creek S1161-9-10 118
 Teague Riggen  Flemings Conclusion 9  Somerset  Dividing Creek S1161-9-10 119
 Teague Riggen  Last Choice 18  Somerset  Dividing Creek S1161-9-10 120
 Teague Riggen  Middle Plantation 160  Somerset  Dividing Creek S1161-9-10 121
 Dukes Riggen  Emessex 50  Somerset  Little Annamessex  S1161-9-10 126
 Dukes Riggen  Littleworth 50  Somerset  Little Annamessex S1161-9-10 127
 John Riggen  Cabben Swamp 10  Somerset  Little Annamessex S1161-9-10 128
 Jonathan Riggen  Cork 25  Somerset  Little Annamessex S1161-9-10 129
 Robert Riggen      Somerset  Little Annamessex S1161-9-10 130
 Stephen Riggen      Somerset  Little Annamessex S1161-9-10 131
 William Riggen      Somerset  Little Annamessex S1161-9-10 132
 William Riggen      Somerset  Little Annamessex S1161-9-10 133
 Joshua Riggan Tanners Hall 150  Worcester  Mattopony S1161-11-8 6
 James Riggen      Somerset  Monokin  S1161-9-10 29
 Jemimah Riggen  Prices Conclusion 25  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 138
 Jemimah Riggen  Riggens Amendment 75  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 139
 Levi Riggen  Costons Bay Side 59 1/2  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 140
 Levi Riggen  Riggens Mind 100  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 142
 Levi Riggen  Dickerson Hope 40  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 141
 Nathaniel Riggen  Green Park 200  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 143
 OBed Riggen  Golden Lion 100  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 144
 OBed Riggen  Riggens Meadow 50  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 145
 Stephen Riggen      Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 146
 Teague Riggen  Meadow Ground 100  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 147
 Teague Riggen  Riggens Amendment 75  Somerset  Pocomoke S1161-9-10 148
 Darby Riggan  What You Will 36  Worcester  Pocomoke S1161-11-10 4
 Elizabeth Riggan  What You Will 195 3/4  Worcester  Pocomoke S1161-11-10 4
 John Riggan  What You Will 43 1/2  Worcester  Pocomoke S1161-11-10 4
 Littleton Riggan  Forest Land 22  Worcester  Pocomoke S1161-11-10 4
 Jonathan Riggan  Georges Purchase 100  Worcester  Wicomico S1161-11-13 9
 Jonathan Riggan  Safeguard 91 1/2  Worcester  Wicomico S1161-11-13 9
 Joseph Riggan      Worcester  Wicomico S1161-11-13 9
 William Riggan      Worcester  Wicomico S1161-11-13 9

Maryland State Archives. State Agency Series Listing at the Maryland State Archives



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